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Meet Aktasbilisim Technology and Wix Partnership

Immersive online brand experiences. Unrivaled business solutions.
Every website is special for you

A booking page for a spa that features a pool by a large window overlooking a woodland.
Homepage for a luxury beach resort including images of the villas and picturesque surrounds with multiple properties available to book.
A mobile site for a beauty brand with a close up of a woman who's using their products.

Worldwide reliability

Aktasbilisim Technology is proud to present Wix Studio, an ideal solution for agencies seeking creative freedom and development flexibility. Wix Studio is an end-to-end platform built on the proven foundations of Wix. This platform enables our customers to realize their projects by offering solutions that suit their specific needs and unique visions. Whether it is website design, application development or digital marketing, as Aktasbilisim Technology, we are committed to supporting our customers at every step and ensuring they achieve the best results.


businesses from start-ups to corporations


monthly collective visitor


gross monthly earnings rates


countries around the world

Tell a lasting brand story

Exceptional design flexibility

Personalized experiences

Fully responsive websites

Interesting animations and effects

Discover what you can do with Aktasbilisim!

What you can do with Aktasbilisim

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Project 2

Project 3

Unparalleled design flexibility is ready to increase sales

Sell from a prominent storefront

Get unparalleled design flexibility for the custom design and layout you want.

Stylish category pages for hassle-free selling

Provide potential buyers with crystal clear navigation. The layout and galleries can be changed to your liking and categories can be automatically switched between pages to keep them in sync.

Tailor the payment flow

Customize the cart and checkout flow with functionality specific to your business.

A product web page featuring high-end sunglasses with orange lenses and a silver frame.
A product web page featuring a sage green, reusable water bottle with a black flip top.
A product web page featuring a silver, portable sound mixer.
A payment screen with different payment methods and logos for Amazon, Ebay, Wish and Google.

Sell to everyone. Everywhere.

Use omnichannel capabilities to reach new audiences across social channels, POS, and a branded mobile app. Sync revenue from all these sources tied to a single inventory.

Accept secure payments in multiple currencies with 80+ global payment providers including Wix Payments.

Localize the experience with Wix Multilingual and automatically calculate shipping and taxes for specific geographies.

Get products to market quickly by syncing with dropshipping and print-on-demand suppliers, all the heavy lifting is done for you; There is no need to stock or ship.

Daily tasks won't take up all day

Manage sales, orders and logistics in one place on mobile or desktop.

Create custom buyer journeys with predefined automations, recover abandoned carts, and more.

Make informed business decisions based on insights, analysis and triggered alerts for meaningful actions.

Key elements of growth, internal


Convert more leads from collecting contact information with forms to adding live chat. Organize your projects and funnels, assign tasks, and respond to messages from all channels in a single inbox.


Accept secure payments worldwide and sync transactions from 80+ providers, including Wix Payments, major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Tap to Pay on iPhone, and more.


Boost your SEO and reach your community with an integrated blog. Easily manage posts, comments and contributors. Monetize your content with subscription pricing plans.


Prepare for international growth and reach new markets. Manually or automatically translate your site into 180+ languages while preserving the design.

Pricing plans

Get a custom pricing plan to sell bundles, memberships and subscriptions. Collect one-time or recurring payments from visitors for exclusive content/services, connect payment methods and add discounts.

Member area

Build a community around your site to attract customers and keep them coming back. Let visitors create their own accounts, track their orders and wish lists, and access exclusive content.

Take your business further

Connect to marketing tools and sales channels through native integrations in partnership with leading brands.

Contribute to the functionality of your site with more than 500 solution options from the Wix Application Market.

Extend the platform's functionality with 100s of open APIs and customize your online store from front to back.